Red Diesel & Heating Oil

Red Diesel & Heating Oil

You can purchase both Red Diesel (Gas Oil) and Heating Oil (Kerosene) from us. We are Registered Dealers in Controlled Oil (RDCO).

You can bring your own containers/ barrels or we have a selection of suitable containers for sale.

As with any fuel, prices vary week to week, please contact us for the latest prices. Discount available for large quantities.



We stock 4 Litre pre-pack Paraffin Ideal for all Paraffin Heaters and Lamps.

Bartoline Premium Paraffin is a clean burning, low sulphur, high smoke point liquid fuel refined to BS2869.C1 and may be used in all appliances recommended by original heater equipment manufacturers.

Suitable for greenhouse and room heaters requiring a fuel that meets BS2869.C1. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Price: £9-90 (Cash & Carry)